When S.K. “Bud” Haskell returned from fighting in World War II, he bought a small company that specialized in making workbenches and drafting tables. He invited his brother, also a World War II veteran, to join him, and together Bud and Ed founded Haskell of Pittsburgh in 1947.


From the very beginning, Haskell earned a reputation for building quality steel office furniture. Based in Pittsburgh, the brothers took advantage of the best America had to offer for their manufacturing; and, coupled with their sales and marketing expertise, the business grew. Haskell of Pittsburgh became a nationally recognized brand with widespread distribution, appearing in commercial and government projects from classrooms to naval ships and even the White House Press Room.


After 41 years at the helm, Bud sold the company to Joseph Wojdak who had joined Haskell in 1974 as the vice president of finance. Wojdak significantly expanded Haskell’s product range and introduced new colors and finishes, a harbinger of the extensive range available today. Haskell of Pittsburgh had become one of the top 25 furniture manufacturers in the country and was producing 13,000 pieces a month.


In 1998, Wojdak announced a merger with Senator, one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the U.K. The new firm, Haskell-Senator International, could have opened new markets for Haskell products, but instead, the two companies split within a few years.


Once again, Haskell has reemerged under the leadership of two brothers. Alan and Bruce Robins have faced lingering obstacles since the company was restructured in 2002 but remain committed to producing products that live up to Haskell’s reputation for excellence.


The company still has an office in Pittsburgh and builds the strongest filing, storage, and desking solutions in the industry. Furthermore, Alan and Bruce are continuously designing, testing, and improving new products, like the Assemble series of tables introduced in 2011, for a wider range of specialized applications from elementary schools to commercial settings. While remaining true to the fundamental quality synonymous with the Haskell name, they are building a fuller, broader line with customizable, designer solutions to meet the needs of today’s market.

Alan and Bruce believe in providing an outstanding customer experience and look forward to serving every customer who calls Haskell.

Haskell's Building in Pittsburgh
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