Cross-disciplinary experience to shift library from research to learning, thinking and doing.

Haskell Education partnered with California State University-Sacramento (CSUS) to provide innovative furniture for the university’s new StingerStudio makerspace that opened this spring.

The studio, which is located on the first floor of the university’s library, offers students a place to transform their creative ideas into reality.

According to Preston Tobery, instructional support technician for CSUS, the new makerspace “needed furniture that was flexible, durable, and highly functional. Haskell Education certainly exceeded expectations with their products.”

Tobery explained that the new furniture is easy to move into different configurations for events, workshops, or small collaboration groups to create a “welcoming and effective learning environment.”

“We could not imagine the StingerStudio without this amazing, makerspace-focused furniture,” Tobery said.

The Haskell team worked closely with Amy Kautzman, dean and director of the CSUS Library, to select and provide the furniture for the new space. “We think of libraries as being in the book business, but in reality, libraries are in the business of thinking, learning, and doing,” said Kautzman in a recent CSUS interview.

StingerStudio, which had its grand opening on March 1, offers a free, cross-disciplinary experience, bringing together students and faculty from across the campus to collaborate, experiment, and explore their ideas.

The makerspace includes four rooms and totals about 5,000 square feet. According to the university, The StingerStudio will continue to evolve to meet student and faculty needs. Here are some of its current features:

  • 3D printers
  • virtual reality and augmented reality headsets
  • sewing and embroidery machines
  • electronic kits for programming
  • vinyl machine for making stickers
  • laser cutter for shaping material and etching designs
  • presentation practice room

“I want students to find their people, to uncover their passions, and to develop workforce and problem-solving skills,” Kautzman commented. “So much of what we hope to impart in the StingerStudio is applicable to today’s career marketplace. We’re already witnessing innovative teaching in this space. We can’t wait for the magic to begin on a larger scale.”

Haskell Education is dedicated to supporting teachers and students in the arts and sciences and appreciates this unique opportunity to work on the StingerStudio. Here are some of the comments students and faculty have made about the Haskell furniture in this new makerspace.

  • “When our students walk into the StingerStudio and see the Haskell Explorer and Voyager Series furniture, their eyes pop! …Honestly, it is the most innovative and exciting space on campus.”
  • “The flexibility of the Explorer and Voyager Series furniture allows us to play with our space and to design the best layout for our learning activities. The high-quality materials allow for easy movement and experimentation – which is what making is all about.”
  • “We have an amazing makerspace, but the one comment I hear 100% of the time is that the Rover Table is beautiful. People cannot take their hands off of the smooth butcher block surface.”


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