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Haskell Echo Easel for White Boards

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The Echo Series Easel was designed to support analog learning in the classroom where collaboration and ideation are critical. Analog tools support multiple leaning styles and the Echo Personal White Board system is the perfect solution for both individual and group work activities.

Haskell Echo Easel - Multifunctional Design

The Echo Easel is designed to work in any classroom setting as well as other learning environments. It can carry up to 40 individual white boards allowing this single unit to function as a transportation and display system. All metal construction insures years of continued use.

Haskell Echo Easel - Display Hooks

The Echo Mobile Easel has 4 convenient hooks on each side of the unit. Each hook can hold two personal white boards allowing multiple students work to be displayed at a time. A total of 8 white boards can displayed and transported easily while keeping them securely in place. An additional 24 white boards can be docked and stored for easy transportation and access in the center of the Easel.

Haskell Echo Easel - Convenient Storage

The top of the Echo Easel has an easy access tool tray for extra markers and erasers. These tools are secure and in place while the easel is being moved across the room or across the school. The tool tray has plenty of room for markers, erasers, magnets and any other accessory that you might need.

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