Cargo Cart with Overhang

Build Your Own Cargo Cart with Overhang with Our Storage Modules

Bin Storage Module

Bin Storage Module

Single Storage Module

Single Storage Module

Single Storage Module with Locking Doors

Single Storage Module with Locking Doors

Peg Board Module

Peg Board Module

Tool Storage Module

Tool Storage Module

Double Storage<br>Module

Double Storage

Double Storage<br>Module with Locking Doors

Double Storage
Module with Locking Doors

One Position Modules
Two Position Modules
Cargo Cart  with Overhang Module Configuration

Cargo Cart with Overhang Module Configuration

The Cargo Cart with Overhang can be configured to fit the needs of your classroom or makerspace. Seven different modules are available and include open and secured storage modules, peg boards for hanging supplies like 3d printing fillament, and double-wide storage modules for larger projects. You can create your own custom configuration using the information below when ordering.

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Successful Makerspaces and STEM Labs require access to a broad range of materials and resources to foster learning through inquiry. The Explorer Cargo Cart with Overhang by Haskell Education is the perfect support solution to our Rover Table and our Maker Table allowing easy access to all the many different maker manipulatives needed. Its ease of mobility allows for easy access to any area of the classroom where maker activities happen or it can follow its companion the Rover Table from room to room.


Top Dimension
– Solid Hard Maple Butcher Block

– Welded Steel Tube
50mm O.D., 3mm wall
– 18 Gauge Formed and Welded Steel

Material: Nylon

4 – 4” Locking Directional Total Lock
– High Strength Steel
– TPU Tread, Non-Marking
– Corrosion Resistant
– 300lb load rating (per caster)

Max Load

– Textured Powder coat

4 Module Configuration
Double Module Configurations
Double storage
Double storage with locking doors

Single Module Configurations
Single storage
Single storage with doors
Bin storage
Peg board
Tool storage

*Refer to module specifications for more information

Cargo Cart with Overhang Cut Sheet

Cargo Cart with Overhang Cut Sheet

Explorer Series Finish Card

Explorer Series Finish Card


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