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GEI Seal of Approval - Haskell Ethos ChairAt, we are always trying to find the best furniture for teachers and classrooms. One chair we recently added to our collection has now been approved for a GEI Seal of Endorsement, the Haskell Ethos chair!

This means that the chair has been tested and reviewed in real classrooms and earned high marks from educators around the county, from rural to inner city schools. The Haskell Ethos student chair was submitted to five school systems around the country. They were used every day in real classrooms for six weeks. At the end of the evaluation period, the teachers provided detailed feedback on the chairs. The endorsements were based on the chair’s success in three main categories: effectiveness, durability, and value. Below are some of the reviews the teachers left about the chair:


“I enjoyed the easy mobility of the chair and how versatile it was for various classroom activities.”

-Claire S., GEI Reviewer

“The Haskell Ethos chair would be a great investment for a school, whether buying a classroom set or just one. It is useful for students needing to make up work in the hallway, eliminating the need to drag large, metal desk out.”

-Claire S., GEI Reviewer

“The Haskell Ethos was extremely flexible. My students were able to move and work wherever I needed them in my classroom. The compactness – with storage below the seat – really improved the use of space and organization in my classroom.”

-Tami H., GEI Reviewer

“I was apprehensive to allow my active students to use this chair, but it became on of the best things for them. When they were able to swivel in the chair, they were allowed the movement they needed and were not a distraction to the other students.”

-Scott H., GEI Reviewer

“The Haskell Ethos is work purchasing due to the time on task that can be gained by quickly and safely forming cooperative groups that promote the good practices of differentiation, cooperative learning, and pair and share because of the quick, safe, and easy mobility of the chairs.”

-Claire S., GEI Reviewer

What Do You Think?

We are very proud of the reviews these teachers gave for the Ethos chair. Do you agree with their reviews? If you are interested in learning more about the Haskell Ethos, call us today for a volume discount with a quote and let us know what you think of the chair.

Originally posted on, author Kevin Stoller.

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