A leading publication for interior designers and architects recently named the Think Nook by Haskell Education as one of its top favorites among its entire library.

In its March 2022 issue, Delve Magazine, which is published by My Resource Library (MRL), reported that “the Think Nook by Haskell provides choice, flexibility and focus in any environment.” The article calls the Think Nook “the perfect place for innovation and ideation.”

“We are delighted with this honor from MRL and excited about how it will help more educators know about the Think Nook and how it can benefit students,” said Cristel Hutchinson, Vice President of Sales for Haskell Education. “We believe the Think Nook is a valuable tool for educators as they strive to help their students reach their full potential.”

The innovative design of the Think Nook provides students a place to read, think, or simply recharge. As part of today’s collaborative classroom, the Think Nook helps support a student’s healthy transition from group work to independent learning and to take a sensory break.

Use of the Think Nook helps foster opportunities for improved concentration and creativity by filtering out typical classroom distractions. Its side walls and high back help create a sense of privacy, making it a perfect spot for reading and other forms of quiet time. At the same time, the student remains visible and present for supervision and group learning.

By using the Think Nook as an integral part of their classrooms, educators can better identify students who may need support for self-regulation and maintaining safe relationships.

According to Anna Iversen, MS, LMFT, a licensed therapist with 15 years of experience in developing programs, creating and facilitating training, and treating complex clinical diagnoses in a variety of settings with diverse populations, “Educators play a quintessential role in early identification of trauma and interventions that support the self-regulation and safe relationships that are necessary for students to reach their full potential.”

Iversen says that tools such as the Think Nook “can have substantial value for underserved and marginalized youth, who are less likely to receive adequate mental health and health care.”

When they enter the Think Nook on their own accord, a student has influence over their environment. They can use this time to calm down, manage impulses, refocus, and then be better equipped to rejoin the class after a mutually agreed-upon time. Therefore, the Think Nook can help minimize the need to remove students from the classroom, a punitive move that may exacerbate trauma symptoms in some cases.
When students are calm, they are better able to engage with others. The Think Nook is large enough to accommodate multiple students for small group projects. Here are other innovative features/uses of the Think Nook:

  • Has an electrical option
  • Can be used as a space divider
  • Works in remote learning environments
  • Includes a handy whiteboard on the back for ideation
  • Offers bleach-cleanable textile options
  • Is self-contained and easy to move on industrial-grade lockable casters
  • Made of steel construction to ensure longevity
  • Receives magnets for hanging papers, artwork, reports and more

My Resource Library is an online design resource for thousands of contract and hospitality products from the world’s leading manufacturers. MRL allows design firms of all sizes to customize their own professional library for current and future projects.

Founded in 1947 in Pittsburgh, Haskell Education designs and manufactures high-quality furniture for business, education, government, and institutional enterprises. The company’s diverse portfolio of products for the educational marketplace serves K-12 and higher education institutions as well as corporate training departments.

“At Haskell Education, we understand that academic success goes hand in hand with social and emotional learning,” Hutchinson commented. “As a result, the collaborative classroom should have multiple tools designed to help teachers build their students’ strengths and enhance their learning styles.

“We are dedicated to helping educators with the tools they need to create these supportive learning environments.”

About Haskell Education

Haskell Education designs and manufactures the highest quality furniture for the education marketplace. They serve institutions across multiple segments of learning including K-12, higher education and corporate training departments. Haskell Education’s comprehensive portfolio of products are designed to enhance learning outcomes and support the highest levels of student engagement. When results are critical, make a difference with Haskell Education. Learn. Think. Do.™


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